About Us

One-Circle organization is a non-profit leading communities forward in a proactive human rights movement for abused children.

We believe it is extremely important to acknowledge that there are numerous agencies both public, private and non-profit that deal with the issue of child abuse and neglect So what is it that makes ONE CIRCLE unique? Why do we need to create a new organization focused on this issue?

According to our Articles of Incorporation, the charitable purpose of One-Circle organization as a non-profit is Educational Advancement. We believe that the key to action begins with enlightenment. Some of our primary goals include:

  • Presenting innovative training in recognizing and reporting abuse and neglect
  • Providing community-based workshops
  • Developing school based support systems for mandated reporters
  • Challenging authorities to improve enforcement of the provisions of the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act
  • Creating public service announcements

Our signature project is to create a network of reporting support groups ~ when one person stands to protect a child, they must know that all of us stand shoulder to shoulder with them. One-Circle is committed to creating a network of child advocates trained to report child maltreatment and support the reporting process for both mandated reporters and community members.

Reporting is critical to the intervention process. Every Child Protective Service investigation and every successful intervention nationwide, started with a report. We recognize that reporting concerns takes courage. Mandated reporters and community members alike need support. However we believe that by utilizing the voices of a culturally diverse, multidisciplinary team of children, parents, community members, college students and professionals we will not only raise awareness we will call society to action.

Trying to understand the issue of child maltreatment or to bring it out of the darkness is not a new concept; it is simply a concept whose time has come. The money raised by OneCircle is not to find a cure for this cause; the cure is in each and every one of us.