Act Now

Join Today – One-Circle organization is a non-profit leading communities forward in a proactive human rights movement for abused children.

Spread The Word – One-Circle is calling society to action; we are calling you to action. We invite you to join our circle where you can be of help to a child. A child who may have been abandoned, a child who may have been neglected, a child who may have been forgotten, one who is not being heard.

Share Your Story – There are two sections for our stories; 1. Foster Strong Relationships 2. Helping With Intervention. The book “Let Me Walk By Your Side” helps to Foster Strong Relationships and invites you to write your story of your own unique memories of childhood and relationships with someone close to you. These are authentic stories to share with others and pass down through generations. Helping With Intervention gives inspiration and community to those who experience and recognize calls for help. Provided is a Upload Your Story form to facilitate you to become ONE with the storytelling.

Subscribe to OneCircle on – Keep in touch with some great stories by friends/volunteers as well as information and videos from Dr. K.

Volunteer – Please check Facebook for specific volunteering opportunities.

Attend An Event – Checkout EVENTS page.

Donate – To reach our goals and to make a significant difference in the lives of children, we need support, financial assistance and commitment. We are a 100% volunteer organization. All donations fund programs that educate children, families and communities.

Follow One Circle on – Dr. K will be tweeting facts on child development.