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“Let Me Walk By Your Side”

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Dear Readers,

Let Me Walk By Your Side is a newly published book about the development of a child’s spirit. In this book, a young boy watches, listens and learns from his father’s adventures, waiting patiently for the day that he can take his father’s hand and join him in discovering the lessons of nature. As the young boy becomes of age, he begins his rite of passage into manhood as he and his father begin to explore the world. As they share their quest, they also realize the privilege of spending precious time together, a feeling developed in the heart, not expressed with words.

Let Me Walk By Your Side presents an aspect of parenting that crosses all cultural lines because we are all one with nature and all part of the circle of life. In a generation where children spend a substantial amount of time in front of computers or television, I believe it is important that children have an opportunity to recognize the interconnectiveness of life and their roles in the universe.

Dr. Kathleen Van Antwerp


Finding The Art Yoga in Parenting

by Jessica Ramuno
Educator /Children’s Yoga Instructor

The practice of yoga is over 5, 000 year old.  The practice of parenting is timeless.
So how can the practice of yoga inform parenting?

Through awareness and practice, yoga encourages the ability to choose peace at any moment despite (and indeed because of one’s experience with) discomfort and challenges.  The word “yoga” means “union”.  The union of the body, mind and spirit makes yoga a holistic practice.  It is a practice or wholeness and balance.  As parents you can apply the concept of union to bring your needs into balance with the needs of your children.  Look for ways seemingly opposite needs can come into alignment.  Ask yourself if there are new solutions that may support everyone’s needs.

In yoga, the guiding and balancing force is breath.  The body and mind move in harmony with the breath.  This can help disconnect the mind form its usual patter of thoughts, reactions, limitations and fears.  By attending to the breath, we create calm space.  In this space we can cultivate compassion for ourselves and for others.  Connect to your breath, particularly when you feel yourself in crisis as a parent.  Take the time to create calm space, to address the needs of everyone involved.  By taking time to breathe and act compassionately we find that even the most challenging situations, we have the space to bend, not break.

“Asanas”, the challenging physical postures in yoga most people are familiar with, stretch and strengthen the body to create space and comfort for the everyday movement.  The more you practice asanas, the more you experience benefits in every aspect of life.  From the most demanding challenges to the simple art of sitting comfortably (“sukasana”) your body, mind and spirit become strong and balanced, able to benefit from any experience.

The practice of parenting will reveal similar rewards.  Each time you take the time and effort to parent, to provide guidance and nurturing, regardless of the difficulty, you strengthen yourself, your child and your relationship with one another.

Om Shanti.

Om Peace.

Everything Peace.