OC Child Advocate/s of the month are those who reach out in a unique way to help our Sheriff Youth Foundation learning centers. For some children, the local Youth Activities League learning centers are a place to get some much-needed help with homework. For others, it’s a place to shoot some hoops or learn a new sport without fear of physical violence or becoming tangled up in many of the other negative distractions the streets have to offer. Read more.

OC Child Advocates
Big Shout out To Breann M. who donated books to help young girls in our Compton YAL start a book club!

Big Shout out To Olivia W. – Charity Christmas Drive – delivered much needed gifts to the children in our Century YAL!

Big Shout out To Holly L. who donated bags of clothing for the young girls in our Compton YAL!

Big Shout out To Danielle M.Co-creator of our new and exciting INSTAGRAM!

Big Shout out To Rebecca J. Co-creator of our new and exciting INSTAGRAM!




Big Shout out To Danielle Manoiu & Amanda Visco – Child Advocates of the Month! They donated art supplies and school supplies to the centers !!


New Home for Child Advocates at

National University’s Oxnard Campus

One CircleOne Circle and National University are proud to announce a new home for One Circle Inc., a non-profit dedicated to leading communities forward in a proactive human rights movement for abused children. One Circle will be announcing future activities and a monthly meeting for all our child advocates.

New home for child advocates.National University
Oxnard Campus

1000 Town Center Drive, Suite 125
Oxnard, CA 93036
(805) 437-3000



Moving Forward With Child Advocacy

Founders of One CircleWe are excited to announce that Dr. K is taking leave from her teaching at Moorpark College to go full-time as the Program Director for the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation. She will also be working closely with her husband, and One Circle co-founder, Dorn, to build a program with National University to benefit the children in the Youth Activities League after-school centers and so many more children in our communities.

1. Presenting innovative training in recognizing and reporting abuse and neglect
2. Providing community-based workshops
3. Developing school based support systems for mandated reporters
4. Challenging authorities to improve enforcement of the provisions of the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act
5. Creating public service announcements